Binklink Peas And Carrots Pacifier Clip NOW

Peas And Carrots Binklink Wooden Pacifier Clip

The original wood bead pacifier attacher crafted in funky designs.
This Pacifier Clip is a trendy and cute baby product essential. 
Can’t let your baby girl or baby boy go without one? 


The Bink Link pacifier clip prevents pacifiers from dropping on the floor and getting dirty or lost. Replace pacifier in baby's mouth easily in the car, shopping cart, or airplane.

Easy to use: Slip Bink Link cord through the pacifier and slide clip through to make a slip knot. Securely attach to child's clothing. Made of high quality materials.

Pacifier clip tested for safety. Conforms to safety standards ASTM 963 and CPSIA.

Wood beads on this popular pacifier clip style are reminiscent of the popular kid vegi mix peas and carrots!